Mission statement

Our mission at Slingshot Legal Support is to empower law firms with exceptional Mass Tort leads, ensuring the highest quality and precision. We strive to be the strategic partner that propels our clients’ firms to greater heights of success by adapting swiftly to their unique requirements and providing tailored services. As a premier provider, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding support and becoming a trusted support system for law firms in their pursuit of justice.

Our Team

Founded by a team of industry veterans with a shared passion for driving success in the legal field, Slingshot Legal Support combines expertise and innovation to deliver unparalleled Mass Tort leads and strategic support to law firms worldwide.


With a profound understanding of the legal industry, Mario expertly leads Slingshot Legal Support, leveraging their extensive experience to drive innovation and deliver exceptional results, while always prioritizing client satisfaction and success.

Matthew Capozzoli

As a managing partner at Slingshot Legal Support, Matthew’s unparalleled work ethic and visionary leadership ensure that our company remains at the forefront of Mass Tort advertising. He provides cutting-edge solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Happy Customers​

Our exceptional quality, precision, and strategic partnership approach make us the preferred choice for law firms seeking top-tier Mass Tort leads.

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